Food Tables

Who’s in our food? Craft story telling commission for the the Brigstow Institute  at Bristol University.

We’ve been working on a piece to open up  how we talk about the sustainability of our food. Who is involved and what is influencing our choices?

Collecting peoples stories from across the UK fishing industry, we created story telling furniture and crockery to offer a place at their table.

A collaboration with Anagram



Continuing the explorations into grief with a residency in Liverpool. Using music, dance and movement practice, drawing and film to explore the subject.

Arts Council supported 2021

The Collider goes to Tribeca!

The Machine to decipher human relationships has been built and will be heading to New York this April. Go and see it if you can, see more here.

Produced written and directed by Anagram. Amy Rose, May Abdalla

Set design: Synnove Fredericks

Developers: Clarice Hilton, Mike Golembewski

Animation: Barry Gene Murphy

Interactive set detail: Pete Bennett

Sound and music: Aaron Cupples, Brigitte Hart

Originally supported by National Film Board of Canada Interactive, the Digital Catapult Creative XR Fund and National Theatre Immersive Storytelling Studio.

An iteration of this project called “The Collider: Chapter One” premiered at IDFA Doclab 2018. Set to tour UK and internationally in 2019 / 2020

“Anagram’s new project is one big mindfuck of vulnerability, dancing lines and chocolate bars.”

“Anagram manage to find ways to push each participant beyond their everyday comfy places, without ever making them feel exposed, uncomfortable, or like they might be doing it wrong. The languid and searching narratives that play out for each of us elicit magical moments… I am certain this piece will never be experienced the same way twice.”

Wood on Wheels

All those lovely off cuts waiting to be burned! Turned into toys and other useful objects on wheels.

CRAFT SCHOOL at Newly Art Gallery | 22 July – 16 September 2017

Delighted to be back at the Newlyn Art Gallery as part of Craft School. Showing the Fire and Smoke table films along side an incredible group of creators. Go and seeit!

Ravi Bains / Blackhorse Workshop / Kinsley Byrne  / Ishinomaki Laboratory / Sarah Johnson / Felix McCormack / Richard Wentworth / Celia Pym / Heather Scott / Oliver Udy / Kai Venus / Jacob Dodd / Francli Craftwear / James Hankey / Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens 



A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (The Subversive act of Horizontality)

Wonderful! We’ve been awarded the Unlimited Commission for 2017! Hooray!

The cloudspotting course will look at the question of etiquette of public spaces; explore chronic pain experience and identity in illness; explore access for invisible disability communities and use pain science to influence modes of listening.

I will be the designer for the piece and very much looking forward to working with Raquel Meseguer as part of the Unchartered Collective and Composer Jamie McCarthy to develop the piece later this year.

To find out more about what we will be up to go here to see Unlimited’s website.

Common Land

Common Land is a journey by foot around the UK. Starting in the south west. I am making my kit and costume from landscape – slowly exchanging the everyday international wardrobes for things I’ve made from the landscape. I’m trying to find the British wilderness, staying outdoors, bringing shared foot paths to life and seeing the materials around me in a different way.

I’ve begun working with a Horse, Airmid, and the wonderful Natalie from the Dartmoor Pony and Training Centre to prepare for the journey.

So far it’s become clear that you can plan as much as you like but it’s going to unfold in a different way and with a different pace.

Pin hole photos by Mary Shuldham.

Financial Times | Artisans

I made a fine solid Ash table for Jonathan Foyle and his family, and he wrote an article about it for the  Financial Times. Great to be in there with all the other brilliant makers he’s covered in the Artisans series.

See the article here… Pictures by Gareth Iwan Jones

FT | Artisans | Pic Gareth Iwan Jones

FT | Artisans | Pic Gareth Iwan Jones

FT | Artisans | Pic Gareth Iwan Jones

FT | Artisans Pic Gareth Iwan Jones








All the Journeys I Never Took is ON TOUR 2017

It’s been a pleasure to work on the design of All the Journeys I Never Took with director Raquel Meseguer and Poet Rebecca Tantony. The dates are now set for the 2017 TOUR! See here for more details and how to book.

All The Journeys I Never Took is a personal account of what it’s like to discover our place in the world. A place which echoes with unravelling journeys, first dates, travel, break-ups, family and confidences. At turns both confessional and an exploration of current affairs, this show explores what a contemporary definition of home might be: something physical, a person, a concept best left behind or a destination to keep heading towards. Become the observer. Sit back. Absorb and enjoy the journey.

This unique performance is for one or two audience members at a time. Suitable for audiences 16+

18th February Salisbury Playhouse.
21st May Bath Festival.
3rd June Burdall’s Yard, Bath Fringe.
17th June Eastliegh Unwrapped.
1st July Ledbury Poetry Festival.
15th July Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter.
July Worcester Festival.
26 Sep Oval Theatre, London.
28th October Octagon Theatre, Yeovil.
October Bristol Festival of Literature.


Wildwood Residency at Alde Valley Festival

Heading back to Suffolk for a harvest residency at White House Farm. The residency will be focusing on preparing and sewing deer hides for leather and buckskin in the woodland. It will be great to be back there and continue preparations for the Common Land Project.  Lots of events going on, you can join us for an Autumn Supper on the 6th October to hear more.

The! Cornucopia ! 2016 ! exhibition will be open daily 10am-6pm from 17th Sept ~ 2nd Oct and at weekends in October.


All the Journeys I Never Took

all the Journeys I never took image

It’s an honour to be working on the design of poet, Rebecca Tantony’s latest spoken word show. We will be teaming up with Lucy English as producer and Director, Raquel Meseguer. The show will be on tour around the UK in 2017. Here is a descriptive taster….

With the cityscape framed, the audience becomes a voyeur to the bustle around. Taking the time to be, to listen, to let our senses roam. A personal story. A story that explores what it is like to leave behind the middle man- lover, father, priest- and discover our place in the world. A space that echoes with unravelling journeys, break ups, first dates, family, confidences. Here we ask the audience to take an active role. Here we mutter poems of love, of loss, of the human. The city provides our actors and backdrop. Here the everyday is elevated.

To find out some more visit Rebecca’s website here

Fire from Water


I’ve been studying several techniques for how to make fire using the sun. After fruitless efforts to replicate clear ice to produce lenses, I’ve turned to glass and water.

Schusterkugel were used to focus candle light for shoe makers and carvers. I’ve used the same quality to burn patterns in wood. Here is a little video of the process. Capturing the sun over time.



I’ve been gathering everyday objects to show off their material applications and processes whilst working with the Interior Design department at UWE (the University of the West of England). Whoever knew ceramics were present in so many things, teeth, pencil leads and enamel…




I’m back in the Salzamt Linz, Austria. My journey here has seen the impact of the displacement of thousands of people by foot. They slept in Salzburg train station and were offered clothes, medical care and a train direct to Germany.

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I’m in residence in beautiful Suffolk for a short time in the lead up to the Alde Valley Festival, I am turning deer hides into buckskins that would otherwise go to waste from the annual deer cull. The process uses local deer hide, wood ash and cider to turn them into a hard wearing material.

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Here is an object from round one in the Salzamt in Linz, Austria. I will be back there in September for round two!

Residency at the Salzamt

eternal spire

I am in residence at the Salzamt Atelierhaus in Linz, Austria. A little this spring and some more in September. More to come.


Images by Paul Blakemore

You Move Me will open on friday the 28th November!

Jo Lathwood has made a river themed installation for you to explore and I have made a piece of treasure to find  along the way, along side artists: Laurie Lax, Helen Jones, and Olivia Jones.

You Move Me is a new group exhibition by Antlers Gallery. Images by Paul Blakemore

OPEN: 29 November – 23 December 20145 – 10 January 2015 (closed for Christmas/ New Year)

TIMES: Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm / Saturday and Sunday 12am – 4pm

LOCATION: Create Centre, Smeaton Road, Spike Island, Bristol, BS1 6XN. Here is a map.

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