These explorations began with a wish to find belonging in the world.

Through the natural materials I encountered and the processes that shape them, a tactile magic was uncovered.  Revealing material language; habitats in deer stalking and foraging, how they feel to the finger tips, how a colour settles on the eye and holds elegant alchemical transformations when an experienced maker applies their knowledge to them. In parallel to this, my curiosity in an evolving digital landscape flourished, the makers mark and intention behind each development. Which parts of our humanity do we wish to maintain and illuminate as we enter a powerful digital realm?

Through these experiences, I’ve wished to kindle a shared sense of wonder through our senses and interactions.

The work began being shown as objects on the cusp of art and design, initially this included being part of Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’ in New York. It has since moved into public spaces in France and the UK, providing nomadic and intimate interactions. Taking residencies in the Newlyn Art Gallery in Cornwall, Linz, Austria, Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale in Norway. I studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins in London, and trained as a seasoned and green timber furniture maker in Hereford and Bristol.

I am always learning and resolving ideas through making. I continue to facilitate collaborative design processes for shared spaces, and design furniture through Arms and Legs furniture.