Cloudspotting: The Subversive Act of Horizontality




The installation offers a space to rest in a public place. Using the body as protest. The lights in the installation are remotely controlled by those living with chronic pain, switching their lights on when they are resting creating a choir of light to accompany you as you rest.

Directed by Raquel Meseguer(Uncharted Collective) devised with myself as Artist and Designer, and ComposerJamie McCarthy.

An invitation to pause. To listen. To rest.

A journey for the ill, infirm and sick. That is all of us. If not today, then maybe tomorrow.

An ode to invisible impairments, and to acts of bravery we don’t see.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting, is an audio-visual installation that questions the etiquette of our public spaces; probes our cultural aversion to ‘rest’; and offers counter culture narratives, including the unseen experiences of lives lived with chronic pain and other Invisible Needs.
Research and Development shown at Ovalhouse Theatre 29th Jan – 10th Feb 2018.

An R&D commission supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England. Co-commissioned by Ovalhouse & South East Dance. Supported by Tobacco Factory Theatre Artists in Residence Scheme & Elizabeth Blackwell Institute. With thanks to Minirig, Bristol.