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Food Tables

Who’s in our food? Craft story telling commission for the the Brigstow Institute  at Bristol University.

We’ve been working on a piece to open up  how we talk about the sustainability of our food. Who is involved and what is influencing our choices?

Collecting peoples stories from across the UK fishing industry, we created story telling furniture and crockery to offer a place at their table.

A collaboration with Anagram


A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (The Subversive act of Horizontality)

Wonderful! We’ve been awarded the Unlimited Commission for 2017! Hooray!

The cloudspotting course will look at the question of etiquette of public spaces; explore chronic pain experience and identity in illness; explore access for invisible disability communities and use pain science to influence modes of listening.

I will be the designer for the piece and very much looking forward to working with Raquel Meseguer as part of the Unchartered Collective and Composer Jamie McCarthy to develop the piece later this year.

To find out more about what we will be up to go here to see Unlimited’s website.

All the Journeys I Never Took

all the Journeys I never took image

It’s an honour to be working on the design of poet, Rebecca Tantony’s latest spoken word show. We will be teaming up with Lucy English as producer and Director, Raquel Meseguer. The show will be on tour around the UK in 2017. Here is a descriptive taster….

With the cityscape framed, the audience becomes a voyeur to the bustle around. Taking the time to be, to listen, to let our senses roam. A personal story. A story that explores what it is like to leave behind the middle man- lover, father, priest- and discover our place in the world. A space that echoes with unravelling journeys, break ups, first dates, family, confidences. Here we ask the audience to take an active role. Here we mutter poems of love, of loss, of the human. The city provides our actors and backdrop. Here the everyday is elevated.

To find out some more visit Rebecca’s website here