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CRAFT SCHOOL at Newly Art Gallery | 22 July – 16 September 2017

Delighted to be back at the Newlyn Art Gallery as part of Craft School. Showing the Fire and Smoke table films along side an incredible group of creators. Go and seeit!

Ravi Bains / Blackhorse Workshop / Kinsley Byrne  / Ishinomaki Laboratory / Sarah Johnson / Felix McCormack / Richard Wentworth / Celia Pym / Heather Scott / Oliver Udy / Kai Venus / Jacob Dodd / Francli Craftwear / James Hankey / Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens 



Common Land

Common Land is a journey by foot around the UK. Starting in the south west. I am making my kit and costume from landscape – slowly exchanging the everyday international wardrobes for things I’ve made from the landscape. I’m trying to find the British wilderness, staying outdoors, bringing shared foot paths to life and seeing the materials around me in a different way.

I’ve begun working with a Horse, Airmid, and the wonderful Natalie from the Dartmoor Pony and Training Centre to prepare for the journey.

So far it’s become clear that you can plan as much as you like but it’s going to unfold in a different way and with a different pace.

Pin hole photos by Mary Shuldham.


Research Box

Somewhere in a Kentish woodland I have been looking at ways to make Pine needle blankets. You may have noticed, pine woodland as a quieter, insulated space that is warmer to sleep under. I wanted to make something simple and repetitive to celebrate this, and so the pine needle blanket came into being.

I am fully committed to it now and have much more to make! Luckily I have a supply of the needles being delivered by post. Many, many thanks to those involved in hosting my stay in the woodland. Updates of the blanket will be posted here.

draped on a chair

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Able Table


We installed the puppet table at Begbrook Primary Academy in Bristol, transforming it into a drawing table complete with illustrated table cloth. All colouring pens are attached to each other to make a game of interaction and cooperation. Come and see it at the Tobacco Factory on the 10th February!