The Collider goes to Tribeca!

The Machine to decipher human relationships has been built and will be heading to New York this April. Go and see it if you can, see more here.

Produced written and directed by Anagram. Amy Rose, May Abdalla

Set design: Synnove Fredericks

Developers: Clarice Hilton, Mike Golembewski

Animation: Barry Gene Murphy

Interactive set detail: Pete Bennett

Sound and music: Aaron Cupples, Brigitte Hart

Originally supported by National Film Board of Canada Interactive, the Digital Catapult Creative XR Fund and National Theatre Immersive Storytelling Studio.

An iteration of this project called “The Collider: Chapter One” premiered at IDFA Doclab 2018. Set to tour UK and internationally in 2019 / 2020

“Anagram’s new project is one big mindfuck of vulnerability, dancing lines and chocolate bars.”

“Anagram manage to find ways to push each participant beyond their everyday comfy places, without ever making them feel exposed, uncomfortable, or like they might be doing it wrong. The languid and searching narratives that play out for each of us elicit magical moments… I am certain this piece will never be experienced the same way twice.”