The Edge of Things

It was a full week of testing in the Upper Gallery space at the Newlyn as part of the Newlyn Art Gallery’s Transition Series. I’d brought older pieces that I’d been exploring over the past years – pieces that looked at animals, materials and land scape – the Pine Needle blanket, Vision box and Buckskins. I ended up wanting to focus on boundaries that we made in the space using – bringing sand from the beach into the space.

My time at Transitions wasn’t a final piece or exhibition. It was sharing process – which felt raw and exposed. It became clear that the objects I’d brought mainly focused on costume and skin. A lot of the pieces, processes and materials look at how to clothe myself from the landscape. They are part of a greater journey I’ve been planning around the south west of the UK by Horse under the name COMMON LAND.

Thanks to Steve Tanner for the wonderful images.