Doffing Headphones



Inspired by a ‘Mobile clubbing’ event in Liverpool Street station and protests for etiquette by ‘The Chap’ magazine. The doffing headphones call upon the traditions and social graces of the top hat to bring elegance and manners to an everyday technology.

It was noted that users would doff one headphone when they preferred to greet and acknowledge someone briefly, and only take both pieces out when stopping for conversation or upon entering a building. As gentlemen wearing hats should completely remove their hat off their head and replace it when greeting someone and remove it completely when stopping to talk and especially in the company of a lady!

Bluetooth powered headphones designed to infer manners on the wearer. Made in brass, faux tortoise shell and carved English holly wood.

Shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as part of Design and the Elastic mind exhibition.