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For the next piece I will be working on I’ve been to visit Campbell Young Associates in Bristol to discover the art of wig making. 

Hairs are aligned using a very impressive brush of sharp nails, keeping the thick tops of the hairs and thinner lighter ends in place. The mesh base is moulded to an individuals head and then individual strands of human hair are knotted into place taking growth direction and density of hair into account. 



Each head has its own form to work the wig on. They used to be made in wood like this one but have been replaced by styrofoam.





WILD CITY at the Knowle West Media Centre


I will be joining the Knowle West media Centre and the Guardians of the Northern Slopes to create an exhibition using photographic perspectives of the people in the area. The centre is an amazing space that has grown out of the local community and gives people access to digital technology. The residency will run between February and March 2014 and I’m very much looking forward to working with them.

The image comes from Wildfest! 2013 on the Northerns Slopes.

Object Atelier in Bristol!


Object Atelier took the family of interactive furniture to four new homes in Bristol. The Rocking bench to a dentist, the Balance table to a theatre, the Tapas table to a bar and the puppet table to a school. They all gathered together at the Tobacco Factory for the weekend market. Take a look at more images of the pieces here or read about our journey here

Able Table


We installed the puppet table at Begbrook Primary Academy in Bristol, transforming it into a drawing table complete with illustrated table cloth. All colouring pens are attached to each other to make a game of interaction and cooperation. Come and see it at the Tobacco Factory on the 10th February!


Scuttling Stool


I’ve tried to make a stool based on the process of greenwood broom making. It’s ended up shuffling around the studio as quite a little character, hanging out with the plastic brushes. I don’t like the way it’s turned out but it’s humoured me.