See the Algae Garden at the Urban Physic Garden

Find out more about the garden here and we are just doing up the algae garden site here

I put together a quick recipe for spirulina biscuits that you can have as a nutritional supplement if you fancy it.

Spirulina cookies – for 16 biscuits

2 tsp olive oil

200g rice syrup

2 generous tbsp Almond butter

4 rounded tsp spirulina

200g puffed rice

pinch of salt

optional: vanilla extract, mixed seeds, chopped dates


1. Line a small tray with grease proof paper.

2. Warm the rice syrup and nut butter on a low heat until it is liquid and well mixed.

3. Let it cool a little and add the spirulina and salt followed by the puffed rice. Add a little at a time to make sure each grain is covered.

4. Squash the mix into the tin tightly and mark the biscuits with a knife. Then leave it to cool.

Typically, spirulina is made of 5-15% lipids, 60-70% protein and 8-13% carbohydrate. Due to the concentrated nature of the food source, spirulina is rich in trace elements and minerals making it a great nutritional supplement.

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