I am passionate about how technology mediates our relationship with our surroundings.  This curiosity has led me to research our relationship with the history of etiquette, technology and materials. I have developed processes and primitive skills on mountainsides, in workshops and woodlands; testing, foraging and making tools, making objects, events and installations that experiment with human behavior and interaction with our environment. I aim to form objects and installations that reflect this relationship with the environment.

Having studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins in London, and trained as a furniture maker, process and material is an important part of each piece. Design gives me insight into how people wish to control their environment, and art, the opportunity to reflect on this.

The work began being shown internationally in the context of design moving on to be part of Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’ in New York, as objects on the cusp of art and design. It has since moved into public spaces in France and the UK, providing nomadic and intimate interactions. My latest residencies in Linz, Austria, Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale in Norway and the Pinetum in Kent have given an opportunity to respond to surroundings, and show prototypes and progressions as part of sharing my work.

The pieces are generally concept-led, directing the material and process, from metal mechanisms, furniture and carved woods to everyday foods and lab cultures. I call upon collaborators: wig makers, anthropologists, scientists or lute makers to co-create or influence a piece.

I thrive on people’s interaction with the outcome and want to rekindle a feeling of wonder at our environment through our senses.